Monday, January 12, 2009


I believe the core problem that is destroying the United States economy is the ever raising “High cost of living and dwindling buying power of the dollar.” That said, I don’t see this big economy package eliminating the high cost of living or the dwindling buying power of the dollar in any meaningful way, I see just a finger in the dike. What I see is going to speed up the higher cost of living and the dwindling buying power of the dollar.

The result of huge increases in government spending and countless new hidden taxes is going to push the cost of living even further out of reach. The high cost of living is already eating us alive and the only thing that’s going stop it or slow it down is lower taxes and less government spending, there is no other way out. The fact is western civilization is not going to survive holding on to their welfare states, the cost is simply going to bleed the United States and Western Europe to death.

The United States needs to decide which is more important, survival or to keep feeding the welfare state beast. So far it seems we have decided to keep feeding the welfare state beast. Time is running out, we can no longer afford the cost of the welfare state. When not enough people can keep up with the “Cost of living" they can't buy new cars or much of anything else.If you think that is bad, remember the economy is only one leg of the four legged survival stool.

The economy leg is the last leg holding us up. The nuclear family leg, the culture leg, and the bartering capacity leg for all practical purpose have already failed due to the welfare state. Never forget, the future is never set in stone, man always has the free choice by his actions to chart his own destiny. Long live the great United States of America. Never, count America out.

Why do you think a poor uneducated neurotic South Georgia, USA country boy like me can break through all of the negative childhood myths and ignorance and one day sound the alarm for America’s survival? The abilities of freedom and a free people are omnipotent.

I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. repeat, there ain’t gonna be a “Great depression” in the United States of America, It ain’t gonna happen. Our welfare state has closed off that sad option. We are going to face something much, much worse. I’ve been screaming and hollering in the wiliness for many years now about the dangers of a welfare state and no one would listen and still won’t listen.
If the economy collapses we are going to zip right past that stage to the next stage, total chaos. Here is my reasoning on this, we have no emergency bartering capacity backup (food wise) to survive on and buy time to reorganize.

Our nuclear family system is almost in ruins, which has been the foundation for human survival since the dawn of history. And lastly our moral and family values has been reduced to “What feels good do it.” To sum it up, we have no societal infrastructure left to sustain us through a great depression. I can only hope and pray that my observation is wrong. Society survived on trade and bartering long before money was invented.

Bartering is the base and foundation of any economic system and should never be completely destroyed. In a true free market place economy there will always be underground bartering. Then along comes this winner takes all welfare state beast that takes away the need for the nuclear family, the culture and moral shield, and the backup bartering capacity of small farmers and home gardeners.

Folks, when you destroy your bartering economical base and foundation you have nothing to return home to, you are left lost in an economical no man land. However, we do have one last fighting chance of economical survival left, but that mean starving the welfare state beast. Folks, I hate saying it but history has proven that power concedes nothing; we are locked in on a course leading to total collapse.

Big brother will never concede one inch of their power back to the people. Nothing short of a divine miracle will break this welfare state beast’s tax bite on the throat of the United States economy.



As a writer I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. believe an economical force that is pulling some powerful strings on its own is the “Cost of living Bogey man (COLBM)." To further illustrate this economical phenomenon in a fable I will ask a series of questions.

Question: Mr. COLBM, who are you and where did you come from?
Answer: Well sir, the best way to understand who I am can be explained in economical terms. In a true free market place economy I exist as a very weak force with very few people fearing me. And, the reason people wonder where I came from is because when government keeps taxes low and doesn’t hand out free money on an individual basis I am ignored and out of sight.

That is because then I’m too weak to cause much of a stir. However, all of that have changed now, with the aid of my first cousin Ultra-high tax man we pretty much run the show now, no matter what people think.

Question: Mr. COLBM, please tell us how you suddenly seem to have so much power?
Answer: Sir, my power may seem to be sudden but it is not, my power started building way back with the new deal. The liberals discovered that giving out free money and goodies would buy votes and it kept them in power for forty years.

When they started giving out free money on an individual basis that created a direct money link from government to merchant. The direct link from government to merchant was not much of a problem until government grabbed unlimited taxing power. Armed with unlimited power to tax the government raised taxes higher and higher to give more and more people free money to pay merchants.

On the other hand, merchants now had to demanded higher and higher price from everyone to pay higher and higher taxes in order to stay in business. That is what caused this out of control inflationary spiraling that is driving “The cost of living" out of sight. As it is now the higher taxes goes the higher the “Cost of living goes.”

Question: Mr. COLBM, how do you feel about this huge public works project proposal I keep hearing about?
Answer: Whoa! No one has run this by me; I’m the true boss here. Maybe some people are getting the cart before the horse; it may be time for me, Mr. COLBM to flex some muscle. The first questions I must ask them myself, can this project afford me, yes me, Mr. COLBM. If they are thinking about end runs around me or getting this project by me on the cheap, forget it, it’s not going to happen.

I expect my people doing the work to be paid well above minimum wages, and I expect the building material suppliers to be paid COD cash on delivery, IOU’s are out. And they better not forget if they raise taxes, my cost are going to go up, too, like it or not. If they still think they can afford me, Mr. “Cost of living Bogey Man,” go for it, more power to them. However, I suspect they will find sooner or later we must have a showdown, because I, Mr. “Cost of living Bogey Man” am going to git mine first, fool.

PS:Mr. Sirmans offers many solution to the “Cost of living problem throughout his writing.


Most people still don’t get it, very few has a clue, and those that do are in a state of denial. Folks, America’s real problem are culture, culture, and more culture. A nation can survive a financial collapse or anything with a strong culture, but no nation can survive intact with a destroyed culture. What determines a healthy culture is a strong nuclear and extended family system along with a strong religious and moral code.

Years ago before our welfare state people knew how important culture was because life and the elements were unforgiving. If you were irresponsible and unprepared the winter would not forgive you, there was no government shelter. If you did not teach your child responsibility and accountability life and the elements would. A nation’s culture must be safeguarded at all cost; otherwise self-interest will rule the day.

What is in the best interest of the country should always take priority. The destruction of this nation’s culture didn’t happen over night. Both liberal and conservative politicians have been selling this country’s best interest down the river for many years, now. The facts are very simple folks; almost ninety five percent of the people in America are worshiping a false God in the form of big government as the welfare state.

Ever since the “new deal” the appetite of this welfare state has become more important than anything. Feeding this welfare state beast has become more important than even preserving and saving our own country, our culture, our family system, our manufacturing base, and now, maybe evens our national security. This welfare state beast is now so powerful no one will dare attempt to starve it down to size.

To some degree we are all feeding at it's trough in some way.This tax hungry beast feeds on money to stay alive and starving it to death is the only thing that is going to save this country, but that ain’t gonna happen. And, I pity the politician that has the nerve to seriously attempt to starve this beast, because government dependents would stone him to death. So, what is there to do, all men and women with real wisdom in this country knows we are about to go over the cliff.

People confuse having money with survival but that is like confusing apples with oranges. If you can raise and grow your own food you can survive without money, except to pay taxes. However, on the other hand you can’t eat money and you can have all of the money in the world and it won’t keep you alive if no one else wants it. We are almost there?

If it was not for this blood sucking welfare state beast this country would have countless small farmers and home gardeners along with an underground bartering capacity in place, just like before the “Great Depression.” Now, we have nothing and no means to survive when this economy collapses, the whole world may rebirth back to the Stone Age. God it is now in your hand, I ask in your name, stay your hand and save this great nation. Amen.


Like I’ve said before, I may be the fool, but to me I believe the Global economy is a fool’s game. Because of human nature there will never be an honest Global economy without there first being a Global military power to enforce it. Instead of stressing free trade, America ought to be stressing fair trade. Now, everybody is so hot and bothered about saving the auto industry, but, if you ask me, I think we finally decided to smell the coffee about thirty years late.

Years ago when our radio and TV industry went deep six because of unfair trade practice nobody even raised an eyebrow. When our machine tool making industry bit the dust from unfair trade practice everybody just yawned. When the grim reaper came for our textile industry because of unfair trade practice everybody said, what a pity, how sad.

Now, we are all hot and bothered because we can hear the swan song in the distance coming to deep six our auto industry, when our biggest competitors won’t allow the sale of hardly any American made autos back in their home country. The SOS distress call goes out for backup help and moral support from fellow “Made in America name tags and name plate” brothers and sisters. Sorry, you are all alone auto industry, you can find made in America only in the history books.

The constitution is no longer protecting this nation. Everybody knows the 10th amendment is being ignored and not enforced. What about taxation without representation? The people should be able to vote on any across the board tax raise. We no longer have private property rights in this country when the government can raise property tax rates out of sight.

The constitution is supposed to be a safeguard against an all powerful government out of control, and unlimited taxing power must be brought under control if our freedom is to survive. A writer’s word of wisdom: Unlike most of the world America has a free market place history and mentality. The welfare state has a death grip on her throat but she is not dead, yet. Only a fatal flawed culture will allow something sinister like this to continue.

The seeds for this culture castration were planted with the new deal and now we are only reaping the harvest from what the liberals planted, how sad, what a pity.If only this unlimited power to tax can some how be broken by the judicial branch of government it will set the free market place free to save us. There is not much life left and time is fast running out on America, but I believe if no one else does that this welfare state death grip will somehow be broken.

The judicial branch and the constitution is the last hope that stands between our survival and total doom, let thou will be done. Thank you God, thank you, thank you…